Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blessed Life~

Do you ever just sit back and think about life and wonder "how is it that I got here?" Your life. The decisions you made. My parents weren't kidding when they said, "it goes by fast, Vivi. Before you know it, you are forty years old." Ha! I thought.
I am not forty just yet, but I do agree that it goes by fast. I feel so blessed that I got to become a mommy. I have always wanted to be a mother- always. I was looking through my photos the other day, photos of me in college, photos of me and my friend Lisa in Florida (having a good old time, I might add!) and I just thought, wow I have chapters that are growing in my book. I have a little story to tell. I found the photos of me in the hospital after giving birth to each of my children. I have to say that those were the proudest and most memorable days of my life (besides meeting Daddy). Sometimes I just stare at them and I think, I am their mother. Me. I have the honor of raising these three beautiful short people. That is so huge and scary and humbling all at the same time. Becoming a parent changes you forever, and I am so honored to be a wife and a mother to this beautiful family. We don't ever want to take any of this for granted. There are times that I don't want to blog and share thought and feelings anymore. Then I look at them and I want them to not only have pictures one day, I want them to look at this blog as a journal for them. A journal that I kept my gratitudes in. I know it will be all worth it just like they are!


Anonymous said...

we definitely had a good time in Florida!! We are both lucky to have such beautiful, healthy children and I appreciate that you do this blog...it snaps me back into reality sometimes when I'm annoyed at the kids and makes me realize how lucky I am for having them!! Thank you!!!

Reesa said...

Wow, your children are beautiful. You say it so well. Having a family changes you forever and you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Eve said...

Awesome. You speak of your family with pure love and it comes across so wonderfuly.

zed el head said...

these are the best moments in life ..